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Kitchen Vignette

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before but my kitchen is my favorite part of our home. I am not a huge cook or anything but like most families, we spend a lot of our time in the kitchen. My favorite view in our home is looking into the kitchen from the dining room. I'm not sure why I love it so much but it just has a very warm feeling. 

By the way, this was a plain white $9 crock from Target. I cut out the No. 2 on my cricut...I love it

My other favorite view of the kitchen is coming down the stairs.

It may not look that special but I can picture children running (who am I kidding, walking) down those stairs into the kitchen each morning for breakfast.  Our furry children already love it but then again they also enjoy headless pig toys

Have a great weekend! I hope I come back with some awesome Canton goodies!


She's Crafty (did anyone listen to the beastie boys in HS?)

My Mom came for another visit this past weekend. We shopped, cleaned, ate, and crafted of course. Actually I crafted and my Mom cheered me on!  My Mom had a baby shower to give for a man that teaches at her school. After much deliberation we decided to have a spring/very hungry caterpillar themed shower. I made two decorated galvanized buckets with the child's name which will have balloons and paper shred in them. I also decorated a drink dispenser which I had in my cabinet.

Another craft that I need to get finished were the party invitations for a soon to be 6 year old.  Avery is having a princess party in two weeks and I made the following invites.

I was inspired by two invitations that I found from two of my favorite blogs. The first inspiration (the ruffles) was from Emily at jones design company. The paper is also printed from her stripey collection which you can purchase on her website.

The second inspiration was the princess wording found at P is for Party

Happy Wednesday, I will post pictures of both parties in a few weeks!!


Canton Weekend Coming Soon

This Saturday my dear friend Katie and I are going to CANTON, TX!!! I have been a few times and loved every second of it...this will be Katie's first time and I am very excited. I actually keep thinking of our upcoming trip as I pass things in my home that I found on my past trips. The thing I am most excited about however (besides hanging out with Katie) is that we are only going to the antique/yard sale part of Canton. In the past we have gone through all of the buildings and then went to the antique sellers only to find that we run out of time and have to leave. 

Here are some pictures of the last Canton trip:

Amanda (front) found this adorable wagon for her garden. Michelle was sitting in it to cut down on the squeaking that it was producing. And Dub was gracefully following with her Dr. Pepper.

The squeaking really was bad, we could barely hold a conversation. But it was nice if we lost someone, we knew just to follow the squeaks.

I actually took this pic. for this true or not Katie?

I found this piece of metal in a savage pile, I loved the look of it and put the B on when we returned home.

I was also able to come home with this nice piece of wood, this now hangs over our bed.

I promise to take more pictures this time!!!!



Master Bathroom Before and After

About the third snow day this past winter, I began walking around the house looking for a project.
Me: "Hey babe do you want to texture the bathroom with me"
Grant: "Our master bathroom, that was recently painted?"
Me: "Yes, because I never really liked the paint color."
Grant: "Sure, it won't be that hard....right?"
Me: "No!! I can knock it out in one day:)

Well here we are in March and the bathroom was still not complete. We did finish the texture and painting that same week but we(I) still didn't finish "fluffing" it to make it look pretty.

For some reason I went back and forth on what accent color to use. I really wanted hints of green but still loved my brown and blue bumble bee towels. SOOOOO we bought a rug at IKEA, that I could paint on or work with but I still didn't absolutely love it. Then I found this fabric!!!

LOVE it!!!! It has the hint of brown (which I wanted to match the towels and our bedroom), gray/blue, and my new favorite....GREEN!!
So here are the before and after pics, I am really happy with how it turned out. We of course will replace the counter tops and get new faucets when we win the lottery :) But for now we will just enjoy the new changes we made.





After: Hubs replaced the single light for two galvanized lights, I painted the lower cabinets black and changed the hardware

New Paint and knobs

New rug from World Market

Old screen door turned into a towel rack
Details of the vintage hooks found in Canton

New chandelier shades from Stein Mart (clearance for 1.49 each)

We also bought this chair that has the same pattern as the bathroom fabric, the chair is located in the corner of our bedroom.

Happy Monday!!!



"We are family...."

I can't believe spring break week is over. Time flies when your having fun and trying to visit with everyone you know.  My family came into town to visit for a few days, now that my brother lives in Denton it is so much more fun when my parents come into town, probably because our whole family truly is together.

Matt (brother), Mom, and Grant (hubby)

Fro Yo at Yogurt story

This is my younger cousin Carly, I was able to catch up with her over lunch

Remember my previous post? Well here she is in all of her glory. I am still of course tweaking what I will put on her, I will probably move everything around later but you get the picture.

Close up of the wood

Close up of the metal detail


New Sofa Table

My Mom came to visit this week. Our trip included a lot of shopping, eating, laughing and photo taking (more on that later). We of course went to home goods which is my favorite store. I always find one or two or twenty items that I would like to purchase there. Anyway, as I was "taking my items for a ride", that's what I call it when I found too many things and I need to decide which to put back, I spotted this:

I have been looking for a sofa table for our living room but wanted something with character...enter vintage brick layers table. Too bad it was out of my price range :( But wait, Mom offers to buy it for me as an early birthday present...gotta love that Momma of mine!! More pictures to come on how it looks in our living room!!!


Happy Birthday Jan! and Happy St. Patrick's Day

Today I would like to take the time to brag on my MIL. Today is her Birthday and we are so proud and glad that she is our friend and family member. We won't celebrate until Saturday but I would like to reminisce on her surprise birthday party last year. We invited some of her closest friends and family over to our newly purchased home and surprised her with a birthday dinner. She was totally blown away which was the best part, she certainly deserved it. 

Jan's first reaction when she walked through the door.

Jan in her queen's crown

Dining table decorations

The gang

Happy Birthday Jan, we love you to pieces!!! Hope this year is better than last year's celebration!