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Burlap Easter Bunting

Hi friends, long time no type. I wish I had a good excuse why I have been away from my blog. I don't so lets just say that I did something amazing and important :). Anyway my friend encouraged me to continue to blog. 

We (my friend and I) talk a lot about this, how I don't want to post things because they are not perfect or because my picture quality is not as nice as some other blogs. But just like anything else in life, you should not try to please others. Just do what you enjoy and those who read will read. So thanks to anyone who is still reading.

Okay now time for the "Burlap Easter Bunting"! 

All you need to make this very simple bunting is burlap, fishing line or thread, plastic easter eggs, and a needle.

I started out by cutting my burlap into strips about 3 inches wide by 3-4 feet long. You can really cut the burlap into any size strip that you need, crafters choice.

Once I had the burlap cut to size I just folded one strip back and forth and made it look like an accordion. I strung the fishing line through the needle and thread it through the folded burlap.

I had these Easter eggs on hand, they were purchased from Target last year. Plastic eggs usually have two holes at each end. I strung an egg onto the fishing line then began to fold the next section of burlap.

I continued this process until all of my strips were used. Then I tied off each end and found a place for my new bunting.

This bunting took about 10 minutes to make.

Here is another shot, and yes I'm keeping it real and not cleaning the laundry off the dining table before I take the picture. 

Try to make one of your own, it would be very cute hanging down a banister railing or on a mantle.

Have a great week!