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Wow! I can't believe that I haven't posted in a month...oops!! Anyway we have been a bit busy and we have a new member to our family. Family of dogs that is, that's right we have a new puppy. We went to our friend's house, Liz and Kevin, for dinner and Wii. ANNNDDDDD we came home with a new puppy! They were somewhat fostering him and needed to find a home for him. His name is Finn as in Huckleberry and he is a bassador part labrador part basset. He is adorable and fits in nicely.
Finn and his makeshift bed, the first night we had him.
New best friends, look at the size difference. Leilah is very gentle though


New Pillow and SNOW DAY!!!

Yesterday when I got home I opened my mailbox to Pottery Barn catalogs. I don't know about you but something about sitting down with a cup of coffee and flipping through a decorating catalog makes me very happy! It might be sad or pitiful but I find true relaxation in it. Anyway, I was flipping through and was inspired by these...
Found Vintage Grainsack, Blue

However, they were out of my price range :( sooooo I decided to try one on my own. All I did was stitch two long pieces of burlap together, make 4 ties for the end with the same fabric, and paint red stripes down the middle. Here is the finished product....

What do you think? I think it is pretty close to the PB pillow except for the price. I had all of the materials for mine but the break down is as follows:
1. 1 yard of burlap=$4.99
2. 1 bottle of red fabric paint=.85
3. Polyfill stuffing=$5.00
Total=$10.84 as compared to PB=$99.00

On another note, today is a snow day! It is below 19 degrees and very icy.

Snow Day Checklist
1. Hot cider and cinnamon rolls.........check
2. Play with the Dogs in the snow......check
Classic Leilah-loving every minute of it!
Classic Buddy- Scared of the world
Leilah and Grant

3. Watch "Steel Magnolias"....check
Have a Cozy Day!!!!