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I know I haven't posted in a long time, basically, I am consumed by school work and exhausted when I get home. In addition to that I haven't had much to blog about, I left my camera card in my school computer during our lake  So in honor of my other spouse (school). I am dedicating this blog to inspiring educational blogs.

Here are some of my favorite educational blogs, mostly due to awesome printables. If you are not a teacher, these printables would still be great for your own kids.
This is my favorite:
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Hi, my name is Ashley......

and I am addicted to Sperry's!!!
That's right only a few months after my first pair I bought yet another pair of Sperry's.
I love them, both of them. My new pair is leopard print instead of the mesh. I know that sounds  a bit odd but they are so adorable.  I am not a huge fan of animal print but I do enjoy leopard here and there.

I have leopard print rugs in my kitchen

Leopard print on my pillows

(this is an old pic by the way, you know I change everything around every week.)

And now I have leopard on my shoes



Let there be light!

Sometimes when I go into stores I like to play a game that I like to call "If I could spend______".  
Today my husband and I went to Lowes to run a quick errand and while I waited I played
 "If I could spend $600 on lighting". 

 I have been scoping out some lights to replace the fixture above the kitchen island.  
This is our current light, a boring floursecent light.

I would like a few pendant lights hanging above the island.

Here are some of my favorite kitchen lights:

These lights range from 200-400 dollars but today I found one for $119, and it was at lowes!!

I would love this one above the dining room table

And this one in the entryway 

AHHH lights, how I love you!


Happy Birthday Matthew!

Today is my brother's birthday, the big 29!  Matt is my only sibling so growing up we found a best friend in each other.  As most siblings, we moved away for college and lived in different states for years. We saw each other about twice a year...not nearly enough. Last year he entered the doctorate program at UNT and lived with us for a few months. Now he lives about 8 miles from us.  We couldn't be more excited to have him close!! No one knows you quite like your sibling, only they understand your childhood. 
We love you Matt!
(Dad, Me, Mom, and Matt)

Top 5 things I love about Matt:
1. You are the smartest person I know
2. Your hair has gorgeous curls that I wish I had been born with
3. You are hilarious
4. You always did the dishes and unloaded groceries for me
5. You love playing UNO, as do I