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Guess WHOOOO got painted?

Thats right, my Anthropologie knock off owl from my post this morning got painted. About an hour after I finished my post I  ran out and got some bright orange spray paint!

I taped off the eyes, which made the owl look sad and kind of like he was waiting for execution or like he got in a fight with another owl and got his eye scratched out.
Anyway I took him outside and painted him up!
Then I mixed up some blue craft paints and went at it.

Here is the finished project

                                         Anthro's Owl                                             My Owl

I am so pleased! I love it when things turn out just how you plan.

I put him up in my kitchen cabinet
I'm glad I went with the orange, it so much more cheery.

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  1. Identical and adorable! Whoooo says you have to spend hundreds on decor when you can DIY? I have several things I need to spray paint for my classroom. It's amazing what a transformation it gives!