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New Sofa Table

My Mom came to visit this week. Our trip included a lot of shopping, eating, laughing and photo taking (more on that later). We of course went to home goods which is my favorite store. I always find one or two or twenty items that I would like to purchase there. Anyway, as I was "taking my items for a ride", that's what I call it when I found too many things and I need to decide which to put back, I spotted this:

I have been looking for a sofa table for our living room but wanted something with character...enter vintage brick layers table. Too bad it was out of my price range :( But wait, Mom offers to buy it for me as an early birthday present...gotta love that Momma of mine!! More pictures to come on how it looks in our living room!!!

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  1. Ummm you never told me about your blog, gypsy! i love it! and i love you!