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Lalaloopsy Party

In May we hosted a Lalaloopsy party for a sweet little 7 year old. I was new to Lalaloopsy but after spending weeks getting this cute party stuff together I think I will change my name to Crafty Mcstitchy Pants. (for those that don't know these dolls all have really funny names like that).

Here are the details:

These were their sack lunches

Each girl made a "scrap" skirt

Each girl received a Lalaloopsy shirt personalized with their Lalaloopsy name

We did their make up and sprayed their hair purple, some got curls

Lalaloopsy pinata, I made this by covering a baseball pinata

Candy toppings

Syrup and sprinkles

The cake

Cake topper

The girls showing off their skirts and shirts

Each girl also received a doll made by the birthday girls grandmother

Wouldn't be a Piper party without a dance party

Close up of the Birthday girl's shirt

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. What a precious party!! Looks like so much fun!

  2. OMG!!! Fantastic! I am 41 and I am a big Lalaloopsy Fan. I am having a 2013 Lalaloopsy Spring Fling and your ideas are great to add.

    Vanessa :0)

  3. I just saw this from a pinterest post! What materials did you use for making the birthday girls shirt? Thanks!

    1. Hi, I used fabric scraps that I had from old projects for the hair and face, I used heat and bond to attach them to the tank top and then did a straight stitch around everything. The eyelashes, rosy cheeks, and mouth are all cut from my cricut using heat transfer vinyl. I hot glued the large black buttons for the eyes and sewed the bows onto the shoulders then glued the buttons on top of them. The tank tops were purchased from Walmart and the ribbon is from Hobby Lobby.
      Thanks so much for looking.

    2. May I ask how you made the stitched mouth with your Cricut?? I have an Explore and Design Space. Thank you so much in advance! Teresa

    3. Hi, I have software that connects to my cricir and can cut any online image.

  4. This is amazing! I'm totally stealing your ideas for my daugther's 8th birthday next month. (I saw this on pinterest too!). How did you make the skirts, and where did you find the pencil toppers!? AWESOME JOB!

  5. We just cut a strip of elastic the width of the girls' waists. We did a quick straight stitch to sew it closed. We did this prior to the party. We cut several dozen pieces of fabric for the girls to loop around the elastic. That's about it! The pencil toppers are from Walmart.
    Thanks for looking!

  6. Great ideas. My daughter will be 9 and her birthday is 2 months away and she is planning it right now!!! Thanks

  7. My daughter wants a pinata for her upcoming Lalaloopsy party. Can you give any more details about how you made yours? I'd like to do something like it.