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St.Patty's Day Birthday

Last Sunday we had a nice St. Patty's day birthday dinner for my mother in law. I have never thrown her a St. Patty's day themed birthday before but if you lucky enough to be born on St. Patty's day then I think you should have a green themed dinner at least once. 

These photos are not the best, they are from my phone
We just bought a Walmart cake and I asked them if they could write on it for me. A 19 year old boy ended up writing on it, not the cursive I was imagining. It did save me from buying a tube of icing and doing it myself though.

I found cute burlap chevron ribbon at Hobby Lobby and made some quick napkin rings by sewing the ends together and then reversing it.

Have a happy Friday tomorrow!


  1. Uh, those napkin rings, adorable. Please put me down for a set if I get a house someday!! haha

    Did they have other colors of chevron ribbon?

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