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New Kitchen Lights

My parents decided a few years ago, when we moved into our new house, that they were going to buy items for our home each holiday and Birthday. They have been so amazing and furnished us with some of our finest things.

Here are some of the past gifts we have received:
Our dining set and plate rack

Our wood floors

Our lovely granite

My sofa table, which now is our console table

And the latest......
New Kitchen Lights, we got two of these red lights to hang over our island.

Of course a Baker project doesn't come without it's set of challenges.

My husband and brother have a standing joke with every project. 
My husband always says "I bet it will be pretty easy, and not take very long". This has become a joke because my husband started saying it when we revamped my brothers house, and of course it was difficult and took a very long time.

So here are the details of our easy and quick project HA!

These huge boxes arrived Tuesday, which was perfect because I had the flu and it brightened up my day just a tad.

The boys started the project Saturday afternoon by removing our old light fixture. This baby was screwed in securely to the ceiling and then caulked around the edge. I guess the builders in 1993 thought this would never go out of style and remain attached forever.

I unscrewed the screws while the boys held on tightly, in case it fell. We actually ended up prying it off with a scraper and hammer.

Then we were left with this. Notice the large gaping hole on the left where said builders thought the light would never come down, therefore no need to patch the giant hole they made.

The boys started removing the fluorescent lights by disconnecting all of the wires. My brother said he felt as if he was some sort of circuit board genius.

Then we were left with this lovely look

Here is a shot of our kitchen mid project. It was a mess!

Next, my husband cut two holes into the ceiling for the new lights. He and I spent about 45 minutes discussing how far apart we should hang them and how to precisely measure that. We had to take a break because we were getting nowhere. So off to the hardware store we went.

Once our heads were clear we were able to measure, cut, and my husband started to rewire.

Here is a work in progress photo, at this point is was probably 11:00 pm

Here is the finished product. This photo was taken at 1:00 am, once the counters were cleaned off.

Here is a shot the next morning, notice we still hadn't patched the ceiling. As of now the ceiling is patched and textured but we still haven't had time to repaint. We will also add four can lights to the ceiling later for more light. I will post a photo as soon as everything is complete. But for now, aren't they lovely!!!!

I love them, so cheery!!!

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  1. You’ve picked out some good lights for your kitchen! It made the place look warm and inviting. If I may suggest, though, maybe you can place a brighter bulb over the cooking counter so it would be easier for you to prepare dishes. If you want, you can also place a spot light on your kitchen nook. Those are good for unexpected midnight snacks.