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Master Bathroom Before and After

About the third snow day this past winter, I began walking around the house looking for a project.
Me: "Hey babe do you want to texture the bathroom with me"
Grant: "Our master bathroom, that was recently painted?"
Me: "Yes, because I never really liked the paint color."
Grant: "Sure, it won't be that hard....right?"
Me: "No!! I can knock it out in one day:)

Well here we are in March and the bathroom was still not complete. We did finish the texture and painting that same week but we(I) still didn't finish "fluffing" it to make it look pretty.

For some reason I went back and forth on what accent color to use. I really wanted hints of green but still loved my brown and blue bumble bee towels. SOOOOO we bought a rug at IKEA, that I could paint on or work with but I still didn't absolutely love it. Then I found this fabric!!!

LOVE it!!!! It has the hint of brown (which I wanted to match the towels and our bedroom), gray/blue, and my new favorite....GREEN!!
So here are the before and after pics, I am really happy with how it turned out. We of course will replace the counter tops and get new faucets when we win the lottery :) But for now we will just enjoy the new changes we made.





After: Hubs replaced the single light for two galvanized lights, I painted the lower cabinets black and changed the hardware

New Paint and knobs

New rug from World Market

Old screen door turned into a towel rack
Details of the vintage hooks found in Canton

New chandelier shades from Stein Mart (clearance for 1.49 each)

We also bought this chair that has the same pattern as the bathroom fabric, the chair is located in the corner of our bedroom.

Happy Monday!!!


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  1. I LOVE IT! I knew it would be beautiful. :) I especially love the know how I feel about Old/New/Re-purposed things. LOL

    And good for you, finishing it all up!