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She's Crafty (did anyone listen to the beastie boys in HS?)

My Mom came for another visit this past weekend. We shopped, cleaned, ate, and crafted of course. Actually I crafted and my Mom cheered me on!  My Mom had a baby shower to give for a man that teaches at her school. After much deliberation we decided to have a spring/very hungry caterpillar themed shower. I made two decorated galvanized buckets with the child's name which will have balloons and paper shred in them. I also decorated a drink dispenser which I had in my cabinet.

Another craft that I need to get finished were the party invitations for a soon to be 6 year old.  Avery is having a princess party in two weeks and I made the following invites.

I was inspired by two invitations that I found from two of my favorite blogs. The first inspiration (the ruffles) was from Emily at jones design company. The paper is also printed from her stripey collection which you can purchase on her website.

The second inspiration was the princess wording found at P is for Party

Happy Wednesday, I will post pictures of both parties in a few weeks!!

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