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Recovered Chair

Last spring I purchased a cute little yellow chair from a sweet lady on craigslist. Her mother had passed away and she was having an estate sale. She said the chair had hardly been sat in, really just used for a bedroom. So I snatched it up for $50 and had ideas of recovering it for my classroom. Well I finally got to it this last week and love the way it turned out.

Here is the little chair, already it was pretty cute but I teach Kindergarten and have an impulse to make everything super colorful.

I bought 4 yards of this fabric from and 4 of the chevron to use for another project for my Mom, but I sneaked some in here. As for the piping, I bought that fabric at Joann's to use to cover two of my bulletin boards, but snipped off an inch from the bottom to tie it into the chair.

After several hours of cutting and sewing and adding zippers to the back, I came up with this.

I really love it, and cant wait to use it this year, I do have to remember that I can't get all Ross (MY SANDWICH) if it gets a stain or a kid stands on it. 


Have a great week!!


Guess WHOOOO got painted?

Thats right, my Anthropologie knock off owl from my post this morning got painted. About an hour after I finished my post I  ran out and got some bright orange spray paint!

I taped off the eyes, which made the owl look sad and kind of like he was waiting for execution or like he got in a fight with another owl and got his eye scratched out.
Anyway I took him outside and painted him up!
Then I mixed up some blue craft paints and went at it.

Here is the finished project

                                         Anthro's Owl                                             My Owl

I am so pleased! I love it when things turn out just how you plan.

I put him up in my kitchen cabinet
I'm glad I went with the orange, it so much more cheery.

Anthropologie Wise Ol' Owl knock off

I have loved this Anthro owl for a long time but I couldn't imagine spending $120 for it. I started looking at thrift stores and antique stores for a similar one to paint. Well what a surprise it was when I spotted this identical owl at Kirklands. Can you believe it.....Kirklands!
I think I will try to paint it like the Anthro owl but I haven't decided yet. It shouldn't take much, notice how the eyes are already painted with the same colors. And the best part was the price tag $18.99 whoop whoop!