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Kitchen Lighting Update

Its been awhile since I first posted about our kitchen pendants that I got for my birthday. If you remember, it looked like this after the hubby put them up. 
Remember our unpainted ugly ceiling with the gaping hole.

Well a few weeks later I just couldn't stand the dim lighting so we had 4 can lights and 1 pendant light installed.
And I did a last minute paint job just before my Brothers rehearsal dinner.
You know I work best under pressure. 

This is what it looks like now with fresh paint and the new lights.

We also got a light in the pantry, can you believe there was no light in the pantry?

It was so dark, impossible to find things in the evening.

So much brighter

Here is a close up of the pendant over the sink. I purchased this light on sale at World Market in March or April. I bought it well in advance because it was only $25 and I knew one day we would have a light over the sink.

And just for kicks here are a few new items added to our kitchen in the last few months.
Winking Owl cookie jar from Earthbound Trading Company

A few cute brightly colored kitchen tools to mix with my current red ones

Two planter baskets from Kirklands, I'm using one to hold fruit and one for vegetables. 
Looks like I need to buy more apples.

Little yellow metal stool from Frisco Mercantile

Have a great week!!!


Lalaloopsy Party

In May we hosted a Lalaloopsy party for a sweet little 7 year old. I was new to Lalaloopsy but after spending weeks getting this cute party stuff together I think I will change my name to Crafty Mcstitchy Pants. (for those that don't know these dolls all have really funny names like that).

Here are the details:

These were their sack lunches

Each girl made a "scrap" skirt

Each girl received a Lalaloopsy shirt personalized with their Lalaloopsy name

We did their make up and sprayed their hair purple, some got curls

Lalaloopsy pinata, I made this by covering a baseball pinata

Candy toppings

Syrup and sprinkles

The cake

Cake topper

The girls showing off their skirts and shirts

Each girl also received a doll made by the birthday girls grandmother

Wouldn't be a Piper party without a dance party

Close up of the Birthday girl's shirt

Have a great weekend!!!