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Canton Weekend Coming Soon

This Saturday my dear friend Katie and I are going to CANTON, TX!!! I have been a few times and loved every second of it...this will be Katie's first time and I am very excited. I actually keep thinking of our upcoming trip as I pass things in my home that I found on my past trips. The thing I am most excited about however (besides hanging out with Katie) is that we are only going to the antique/yard sale part of Canton. In the past we have gone through all of the buildings and then went to the antique sellers only to find that we run out of time and have to leave. 

Here are some pictures of the last Canton trip:

Amanda (front) found this adorable wagon for her garden. Michelle was sitting in it to cut down on the squeaking that it was producing. And Dub was gracefully following with her Dr. Pepper.

The squeaking really was bad, we could barely hold a conversation. But it was nice if we lost someone, we knew just to follow the squeaks.

I actually took this pic. for this true or not Katie?

I found this piece of metal in a savage pile, I loved the look of it and put the B on when we returned home.

I was also able to come home with this nice piece of wood, this now hangs over our bed.

I promise to take more pictures this time!!!!


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  1. Yay for Canton! I can't think of a better person to go with. Ahhh! I love your stuff that you take and make your own. :)

    Was that pic of the shirt for THIS Katie? Then, yes. Yes it does. I'd be willing to get married if I can laugh as hard with him as I try to do the Reject with a twisted ankle while holding onto two uneven objects...too much?

    {shameless plug--I'mma start signing everything with this! haha}