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Goodbye Friend

Today is an extremely sad day, our sweet lab, Buddy, passed away this afternoon. He has been feeling sick so I took him to the vet yesterday. I was heartbroken to find out that he would need emergency surgery to see what was "not right" in his stomach. I sobbed for the longest time last night, bought him a vanilla dish from Sonic, took him for a walk, and let him sleep in our bed. I knew that having this surgery meant that we might not see him much longer. Today when I woke up I continued to cry, I held him and loved on him and looked into his sweet eyes. We took him in at 9:00, my hubby had to take him because I was too sad. He came out in tears holding his leash. I have only seen my husband cry twice in 7 years. It was so sad. We went back to see him at 10:30 before he went into surgery. The doctor took a blood test on Buddy and discovered that his kidneys were in really bad shape. We went ahead with the surgery hoping for the best but knowing the worst might be the outcome. We said our final goodbyes to the little guy and gave him to the doctor. About 30 minutes later the doctor delivered the sad news. Our little Buddy was in bad shape. He had cancer in his kidney and it had spread to his liver. The doctor also told us it was spreading to his lungs. She said he was extremely uncomfortable and that if we took him home after surgery he might live a few days or a few weeks. We would have to give him fluids several times a day and that might not even make him feel better. I wanted to be selfish and keep him but I hated the fact that he would be in pain and growing weaker by the hour. We decided what was best for him was the worst for us, we had to let him go. 

Buddy was a sweetheart, he was kind to our other dogs, silly as ever, and he followed me around everywhere. When I left the room, he followed. He was the epitome of loyal. When we first got him he had heart worm and needed to be secluded from the other dog. I was on summer break so I toted him everywhere. I took him to run errands, took him to sonic, and while I was at home, he stayed right by me. It was like this for several weeks. When it was time to let him mingle with the other dog, after his treatment was over, he was so used to being with me, he just kept it up. For 6 years, he never left my side. He was my little shadow. I told my husband I will miss him climbing up stairs to join me in my craft room while I sewed, I will miss his skinny grasshopper legs, and I will miss his smile. Most of all, I will miss his presence in our home. 

We will miss you sweet boy!