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Superhero Party

This past weekend we were hired to do a Superhero party for a very fun 4 year old.
Here are the details.....
Each child received one of these batman buckets filled with treats

I purchased the buckets at dollar tree and added the batman logo

each child also received a lightning bolt cape

The capes are from Walmart, they were embellished with a felt lightning bolt

Here is a little pennant I made, I found the superhero fabric at Joann's

Napkins from Walmart

I made this comic book centerpiece using the letters of his name

The kids snack table

Each little bucket was filled with popcorn

The candy table

Super Pops at the Candy table

Wonder Woman Lassos (pull apart Twizzlers)

Marvel Gummies (found at Dollar Tree)

More Super Pops

Cupcakes in a jar, I made the cupcake toppers on my computer and glued them to lollipop sticks

I found this gum at Dollar Tree, each one had a different superhero on it

More cupcakes

This was the food served for adults, we used red plastic baskets lined with spiderman tissue paper

The adult food table

This was what we set up as the photo booth area, most of the kids were too shy to take their picture.

I made Superhero bingo boards for one of the games

Our other game was an obstacle course. The kids loved this game, we played for a long time.
The last activity was the pinata, always a hit (pun intended)
Happy Birthday Super C!