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Mason Jar Water Bottles

My love for mason jars continues to grow! I first posted about mason jar wine glasses here. Today I am back again with another super cute mason jar craft.

Katie and I went shopping for chalk paint at Frisco Mercantile last week. While we were there we went ahead and perused the entire store for uh I don't know a couple hours. While walking we spotted some very cute mason jar "water bottles". I took a quick photo with my iphone so I could recreate them later. 
Also check out the cute soap dispensers in the back, I almost bought one!

The mason jars they made had a punctured hole in the top of the metal lid and a rubber washer around the straw hole. 

Here is my version:

Mason Jar with lid (any size you choose)
Oil Cloth 
Cute Straws

1. Trace a circle, the size of your jar lid, onto the oil cloth
2. Cut out the oil cloth circle and make sure it fits the interior of the lid.
3. Fold the cut circle into fourths and cut a small piece from the tip of the folded fabric.
4. Open up the fabric circle and you should have a hole cut in the middle.
5. Place a grommet on both sides of the hole and punch it together using a mallet.
6. Screw the outside lid over the fabric lid you just created, add a cute straw and your favorite drink.

You don't have to use oil cloth but it is waterproof if it gets wet.

Send me a pic if you make one, I would love to see!

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