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I'm Back!

I actually haven't really gone anywhere unless somewhere is my sofa or my classroom or church. I just let myself get busy and put blogging to the side. So I'm going to do a short recap of my last two months.

Here it goes:

Our annual Tacky Sweater Christmas Party

Decor from my church Christmas party

My hubby came to school to step in as our Polar Express Train Conductor
They loved it and have offered tokens of love everyday since, last week a little girl asked me to give him an acorn:)

We spent Christmas at my parents house this year. This was the first year in their new house which meant we didn't have to make the 6 hour drive to west Texas. I'm so glad we live in the same town now for many reasons!

We had our first PJ exchange, My brother and sister in law ended up getting the same pants

I spent New Year's with these girls!

I know this is a goofy pose, apparently it's how the college girls are posing now.

Here we are decked out for New Year's Eve.

I unfortunately didn't take any photos of my Valentine decorations, but I did put together a cute Easter wreath.
I purchased the carrots from Hobby Lobby, I had the monogram (originally ordered from Scrappin Plus) and the burlap wreath is from my tutorial here.  I attached the carrots and monogram with fishing line, total project took about 15 minutes.

Have a great Friday, I am home sick thus giving me time to blog. I'm trying to watch You've Got Mail but it's so old that it keeps skipping. My husband said I wore it out and it's time for a new copy. Best case scenario is if he walked in right now with a fresh copy and a banana milkshake for my throat. I'll keep hoping!