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Back to Back Party Recap

I filled this past weekend with friends, family, and 2 parties.  The first of the two was Katie's sister's wedding shower on Saturday afternoon.
 Katie had a lot of precious ideas, I just helped bring them to life.  
Katie wanted a fall-ish shower while keeping it cohesive with Sarah's wedding colors (blues and grays).

We also just incorporated things that we both really liked!

Here are the details:

 Remember this chalkboard? It was a Canton find for $10

I made these pins for Sarah and her Mom
Sarah's maiden name is Brown and her married name will be Stewart.
Katie found Brown soda bottles at World Market and I found the Stewart sodas at Albertson's.

I love these gray and white striped straws. You can find them here for $5.98 for a box of 144

Katie found this cute tape, that covered the water bottles,  at Michael's.

 It isn't a party at my house without a pennant banner.

Party food, fruit kabobs and spinach dip, just to name a few

I loved this centerpiece. The white pumpkin is from Michael's, I applied the S and dots with vinyl. Katie painted the gray one with chalkboard paint and the blue with regular craft paint. The blue ball jars were a find at Canton.

Pumpkin pie bites and gluten free baby cakes cupcakes

 The gifts

 Some of the guests
 I love this photo of Sarah laughing so hard, she was telling her Andy story.
Katie, Nell (their Mom), and Sarah

Love You Brown Sisters!

Party Number Two!

Later that night Grant and I hosted our 2nd annual Fall party. This year we decided to do an outdoor movie party. Sadly, I don't have very many pictures of this party. It was however just as I had imagined, it was a blast.

 Vintage soda bottles and waters were served from this wash tub turned drink holder.

 Before our Albertson's closed down we snagged a bunch of candy for 25 cents a package
 We also served nachos and popcorn in addition to the candy.
 Each guest picked out a glow bracelet and doused themselves with bug spray before finding a seat.
I popped 6 bags of popcorn and served it out of this bowl, we used vintage looking popcorn sacks found at Sams.

I couldn't get a good photo of the outside area. We stapled a twin bed sheet to the fence to use as a screen, set out hay bales as tables or foot rests and mason jars with small candles for some light. Some people sat in chairs while others laid on blankets, it was 100 times better than the movie theatre.


Decorating with Pumpkins

It's that time of year again! 

That comment always makes me think of a little boy I had three years ago. He walked in one Monday morning and saw that I had decorated the classroom with pumpkins from the grocery store. One little girl got very excited and started yelling to everyone "Pumpkins...pumpkins!" To which the little boy replied "Ya, they say it's that kind of year again". 

Well  I am always just as excited as the little girl yelling to her classmates. I absolutely love pumpkins. I started searching a few days ago for white pumpkins. I found the only white pumpkin selection at Callloway's. Here is what I did with my cute flowers and pumpkins that I picked up.

 The little white ones are my favorite, they are called baby boos

And by the way, have you "BOOED" a neighbor yet? I just booed two neighbors with fun gift buckets. The one shown below had window clings, black and orange tortilla chips with queso, jack-o-lantern napkins, and a personalized coffee mug. 

You can google these pre-made "Boo" instructions and signs. I found mine here

Also, check out The girl is craftee for some very cute "BOO" ideas. I wish I was her neighbor.

Happy Fall!!!


I'm Floored Part 2

Okay, floors are finished, the dogs miss the carpet, and we are soooo happy! The floors look amazing, they did a great job. If you live in the DFW area and are in the market for new flooring then take a look at this company. They have really good prices and products, Texas Best Flooring Company.

The before photos are also photos of a messy house.




I'm Floored

As we speak (or type and read) new flooring is being laid in our dining, kitchen, and bedroom. I am so excited! To keep myself from creepily starring at the flooring guys while they work, I am sitting on the patio blogging. They pulled up the carpet and moved all of our furniture yesterday. I kept wondering throughout the day...where are they going to put all of our furniture. 

Quite simply.....everywhere!!!

This is our bathroom
 Husband had them make a tiny pathway through the bathroom to our closet
 The hearth room 
 Breakfast room
 Access to coffee nook :(
Last night we slept in the guest bedroom upstairs which apparently is my husband's favorite room now. He said he wished it was our bedroom because we were higher up and could see the trees. Next time we feel like a weekend getaway I am going to suggest we travel upstairs to the guest bedroom. It was like riding in the backseat of your own car, very new and different yet wonderful.

It feels like we just moved in for the first time. I am excited to be able to truly deep clean those three rooms once everything is finished. I will post before and after photos soon!!