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Church Pew

Have you noticed that when you get something for someone you automatically want it also, no?, maybe that's just me. Well my Mom has always wanted a church pew for her house and when I came across one on Craigslist for $75 I knew I had to get it for her. It is 12ft long (which is perfect for her upstairs landing) and it was in good shape. I painted it red over the period of a few weeks and gave it to my parents as a birthday gift for my Mom. Sadly I haven't taken pictures of it yet so I cant show you right now but believe me, it is adorable. 
I then started wanting a church pew for our home, it couldn't be 12ft long, because we don't have the space for that, but I desperately wanted one. My bestie, Katie wanted a church pew long before I did so her eyes were always peeled for one as well. One morning I got on Craigslist just to peek around and found two beautiful 6ft church pews for $100 each. I called Katie and she was game so we scooped them up, well actually we heaved them into my hubby's truck after we wobbled out of the kind ladies house with them. Those things are heavy!!
Katie put her pew in her classroom and I put mine in our breakfast nook. 





Friends come at all different times in life. You have childhood friends, those that you ride your bike with until dark and share a best friends necklace with. High School friends, those that you play sports with, go to prom with and rarely go to college with. Then you have your college friends, you go through 4 years of seeing these friends daily, making fast food runs with them at midnight, and barely passing algebra because you sit next to them and find everything funny. Well these are those friends to me.

These girls were in my wedding, these girls were there for me when my grandparents passed away,  these girls will be there when I have a child, these are my life long friends.  I met these girls in college my freshmen year. We met in our sorority and became instant friends. Lucky for us we have remained extremely close even after we moved on to our "adult" lives 6 years ago. I get to see them somewhat frequently but our whole group is rarely together. We just live different lives in different states, but no matter how long it has been, we always pick up right were we left off. 

We were all able to meet up about a month ago. My friend Emily, who we call Hill because it is her last name and we have two Emily's in our group, was in OKC visiting from Washington DC, Michelle was in town for a football game, Cathy is always in town because she lives in OKC, and Emily, we call her Dub, and I drove in to make it a short and sweet reunion. 

Here's what we did:

We met up and ate at a delicious mexican restaurant, Ted's Escondido.

Ate yummy chips and dip, and sopapillas. Then managed to save enough room for engagement cookies.

Michelle is engaged!

We hit up a couple of fabric stores, this happened at one of them.
I asked Cathy to drape this furry fabric around her body and as she crouched down, the rack rolled away behind her.





They couldn't get it wrapped up again :/

On to the next fabric store, where this took place:

Fabric Races

We had to drop Hill off early and decided to snap some photos before we said our goodbyes.
This was one of many, we had some unfortunate jumping photos. Most of which exposed my stomach, why did I inhale a sopapilla and cookie?:(

After we said goodbye to Hill, we made a Target trip
sorry for the poor photo, it was on my phone

Then we headed to Cathy's cute rent house. Cathy is always renting the cutest places.

Check out this cute door

I loved the way Cathy displayed her things on this built in, so bright.

Then we had to part ways, fortunately I just recently spent the weekend with a few of those ladies at the lake and get to see them again in two weeks! More on that in another post!
Happy Monday!