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Canton Trip

Katie and I got back from our Canton trip last night feeling smelly, dirty, tired but oh so extremely happy! We had such a good time gabbing, laughing and of course finding some really wonderful items. It was my best canton trip so far, mostly because of the company but also because we both came home with some awesome deals.  My best purchase was my gigantic letter B that will have a new home on my staircase wall.  I also found a small B to add to the collection, I tried to drive a hard bargain for the 3 1/2 foot B but I ended up paying full price, $35.

Here she is in our stairwell, as well as my other B's

I picked up this small B as well, it is located on the far left of the wall

I found several other goodies 
1. This hanging chip clip holder was thrown in when I bought the sled

I hung it to the left of the sink 

2. A vintage sled
I have been looking for a sled to go next to my fireplace in the winter. I found an adorable one at a boutique store in Amarillo but $120 was just too expensive.
 I found this one for 15

3. Vintage luggage tags $2 for 12

 4. A piece of chippy wood to replicate this later

Katie picked up a cute metal box, a vintage scale, and a piece of chippy wood.

Here are some other photos of the shenanigans that went on and other treasures that we couldn't afford

We saw several of these and thought it would be perfect as a beverage cooler or planter on my patio
Katie really loved this piece and if I remember correctly it was only $70

"Is that bad to do do do do do do do?" ode to SNL found here
Old hooks and keys

Camp Blanket

Vintage Milk Tabs

Ketchup Accident

We thought we could cross this creek as a short cut, but then realized it was 10 feet wide and filled with water

funnel cake

Adorable benches made of old headboards 
I'm not sure which hurt more after our trip, my knees from walking our my stomach from laughing. Either way it was a blast and I can't wait to go again soon.

Have a great week!

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  1. Dang! Calling me out for the ketchup mishap! haha Awesome though. I love how your pictures turned out too. And you with the hand--classic.

    Thanks for taking me along and navigating that crazy place. :) I'm gonna leave you with the saying that kountrified girl was literally screaming at you while carrying your prized purchase: "TO 'B' OR NOT TO 'B'...THAT IS THE QUESTION!!"