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TV Cabinet Upgrade

Hmmm I told myself I would write at least one new post a week and I noticed it has almost been 1 month from my last post. Oh well, I will try to be better this month. Happy St. Patrick's day everyone and Happy Birthday to my favorite mother in law! We have just finished up a yummy steak dinner for her birthday and before I let myself go to a sleepy place I thought I would show you our updated TV cabinet. This cabinet was actually a china cabinet that my parents inherited from my grandmother. When they moved they did not have a place for it so we said we would list it on Craigslist for them. It was listed for a few weeks with little interest and then in the shower or maybe a dream I thought Ah Ha! I just know the place for that cabinet, our house! I passed it by my hubby and he said go for it so here are the before and after pics.

 Before (with a hutch on top)

 After, freshly painted without a hutch
 The pulls and knobs are from Hobby Lobby

 I don't have a name for the color because I just mixed the blue that I painted the church pew with and the green from our kitchen walls. 

I will post pictures of our St. Patty's Day birthday celebration this week! I promise ;), and by promise I mean I'll try! 

Also for fun watch this commercial (after you watch this new girl clip), it made me cry....literally I cried. I'm a crier, not sure why but I probably cry daily at school for no reason. A lot of things tug at my heart strings here are just a few: tiny cartoon foxes in children's books, Martin Luther Kings life story, children helping children, it's anything really. Luckily I was just watching TV with Katie and she is used to me acting like this......

in fact Katie also cries at simple things too, we were destine to be friends!

Okay here is the commercial

I mean come on.....precious!

Have a great week!

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  1. Martin Luther King's life story... ditto, girl. Ditto.