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Have you met Katie?

I am participating in Singles Day for my dear friend Katie! Katie and I met 10 years ago at the elementary school that we both worked at. I was looking for new friends since I had just moved and when I saw Katie I instantly knew I needed to be friends with her. She has such a dynamic personality that you instantly want to be her friend.

 Katie is 38 years old and lives in Lewisville, TX.  She's adorable, HILARIOUS, and an amazing christian girl. She has a passion for children and she has been teaching elementary school for over 14 years.

Katie graduated from Texas A&M and loves to visit every chance she gets. One of my favorite things about her is her sense of humor, we constantly laugh when we are together and she is so quick and witty. She loves watching movies, hanging out with friends and is not afraid to try something new.

Katie is an extremely crafty person and has a great eye for decorating. Whenever she wants to learn something new, she goes for it. For example she recently has taken up woodworking and has already completed some cool projects for her house.

Like I mentioned above, Katie has a big heart for the Lord. She attends church regularly, leads bible studies, and works at her church daycare on her time off. Katie also has a big heart for her family. She constantly puts their needs before hers and is always ready to go visit her darling nephews.

Ive always wondered why Katie has not found "The One" yet and I know that its just because it has not been in Gods timing yet. I know he is out there and I know he will be very lucky when he gets to finally meet Katie.
If you are interested please leave a comment with your e-mail address and info or e-mail me personally. 

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  1. Hey Ashley. I looked for your email address on your blog, but I never found it. I've read your write up of your friend Katie, and I'd like to tell you more about me to see if I pass muster. You can contact me at