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"I love panties" and Avery's Birthday Party

Let's start with a funny story. I made shirts for our small party business yesterday. I chose to use a cursive font on the front and for a small portion on the back. The front said "I love parties" and we put our logo on the back. I was proudly wearing my shirt in the kitchen and talking to Grant, when I noticed him staring at my shirt. 

Then he asks "Are you going to wear that shirt to the party?"
Me: "Of course, why wouldn't I? (now I am turned around showing him the back)
Him: "Well, you know what I thought it said"
Me: "No.....what?"
Him: "Ash, it looks like it says "I love panties"
Me: "Oh my gosh!!! It does!!!

I wish I had a picture to show you what it looked like before, but at the time I was only concerned about correcting it. I took a picture of the after so you can use your imagination.

sorry it is such a poor picture, notice the r, it was actually cursive all the way down, looking very much like the letter n

How funny would it be if it said "Oh happy day, panties and events"

Well, yesterday was Avery's Birthday party. It turned out to be very cute, and I think the girls had a good time. Here are some pictures from the par-tay!!

The serving table

I made these simple buckets using my cricut and dollar spot buckets from target

Lisa, brought several silver pieces to use for serving. The chalkboard tags are from Michael's dollar spot

The cupcake tower

Hanging felt cutouts from dollar tree

Silver and pink napkins and plates from Target

Party straws and mason jars were used for the lemonade.

The Birthday Girl sporting her Birthday shirt

I made two of these candle centerpieces using tulle and princess wands that my Mom bought on clearance. I cut the A out of scrap vinyl using my cricut. I already owned the candle and jar.
Pennants hanging from the banister
Avery's invitation

This chalkboard hung on the front door

The girls had three activities to do at the party:

1. Create picture frames to hold their "dress up picture"

2. Dress up 

3. Decorating these cute princess crowns

The girls took home these party favors which contained crayons shaped like princess castles

Happy Birthday Avery!!!

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