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 I hardly ever talk about my work life on here but I am today. I am a Kindergarten teacher for a school that I love. I have taught there since the school opened 5 years ago. 

I love teaching Kindergarten but this year has been very difficult at school for many reasons that I will not get into. I know most people think that teaching is probably extremely easy and so fun because we get the summers off. In fact I bet most people think it looks like this.

6 sweet children hanging on every word you say.

It is actually the opposite. Now that technology has come into the picture teachers practically have to do a song and dance to keep the students attention. Along with this issue there is the greater issue of class size. What once was 15 kids in class is now 23 and up to 30 in the older grades. Also, now that kids are raising kids it usually is up to the teacher to give each child (23 of them) love, attention, social lessons, and state mandated curriculum, all while smiling every second. 

Like I said I do love it but this year has been HARD!!! Now let me step down off of my soapbox and give you one of the reasons why I love my job despite all of the things I just mentioned.


I was honored this school year to receive the Teacher of the Year Award for my school. I was truly shocked and taken a back. I still cannot believe it because I work with the best teachers out there. I kind of think it was God's way of telling me not to get down on myself this year and keep teaching those little ones who might not get all of this love when they leave the school.

Tuesday night there was a reception held for all of the teachers that received this award. Lots of my coworkers/friends showed up to support me and it meant the world to me. 

Here are some of the sweet people I work with.
At the reception: From top left Leslie (our counselor), Caleb (our AP), Danielle (my Kinder teammate), 
Monica (my Kinder teammate), Angela (my Kinder teammate/friend), Me,  Cecilia (our principal), 
and Keisha (3rd grade, and a good friend of mine)

Susan (left, 1st grade, and a good friend), Me
Yes, this was school related

How fun is it that I get to work with my bestie Katie (left), Me

I work with two of these ladies and they are good friends, Courtney (right) and her Mom, Ramona (our school nurse)

Lauren (left) so fun to work with and hang out with. 
And today is her birthday!!!

Here are two other ladies I haven't mentioned Lisa in blue (my teammate and co party planner), and Zetta in the middle (she retired last year and we miss her sooooo much!)

Thanks to all of my co-workers/friends that I get to spend everyday with, you make work so much fun!


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