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Happy Birthday Matthew!

Today is my brother's birthday, the big 29!  Matt is my only sibling so growing up we found a best friend in each other.  As most siblings, we moved away for college and lived in different states for years. We saw each other about twice a year...not nearly enough. Last year he entered the doctorate program at UNT and lived with us for a few months. Now he lives about 8 miles from us.  We couldn't be more excited to have him close!! No one knows you quite like your sibling, only they understand your childhood. 
We love you Matt!
(Dad, Me, Mom, and Matt)

Top 5 things I love about Matt:
1. You are the smartest person I know
2. Your hair has gorgeous curls that I wish I had been born with
3. You are hilarious
4. You always did the dishes and unloaded groceries for me
5. You love playing UNO, as do I

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