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Church Pew

Have you noticed that when you get something for someone you automatically want it also, no?, maybe that's just me. Well my Mom has always wanted a church pew for her house and when I came across one on Craigslist for $75 I knew I had to get it for her. It is 12ft long (which is perfect for her upstairs landing) and it was in good shape. I painted it red over the period of a few weeks and gave it to my parents as a birthday gift for my Mom. Sadly I haven't taken pictures of it yet so I cant show you right now but believe me, it is adorable. 
I then started wanting a church pew for our home, it couldn't be 12ft long, because we don't have the space for that, but I desperately wanted one. My bestie, Katie wanted a church pew long before I did so her eyes were always peeled for one as well. One morning I got on Craigslist just to peek around and found two beautiful 6ft church pews for $100 each. I called Katie and she was game so we scooped them up, well actually we heaved them into my hubby's truck after we wobbled out of the kind ladies house with them. Those things are heavy!!
Katie put her pew in her classroom and I put mine in our breakfast nook. 



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  1. What an adorable church pew that is! You have made a good decision in buying it. It was still in good shape, and you got it for $100! That’s a great deal. Your choice of color for the church pew is amazing. It stands out against yet complements your patterned brown tiles.