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Thanksgiving Wrap-up

Hope you all had a fun and relaxing Thanksgiving. I know that I did, I was out of school the entire week and loved every minute of it, I even had time for a small bathroom makeover (more on that later).  
Here is a rundown of our Thanksgiving celebration.

My parents came into town on Wednesday afternoon! I'm not sure what is going on with my Dad's sweatshirt, and yes my Mom and I are wearing the same cardigan only in different colors. 
It was not planned.
I loved seeing them, we had a great time and my Mom and I got some shopping in (our favorite).
Me and the Hubby
We got engaged 5 years ago, the day after Thanksgiving.

We had quite the feast for Thanksgiving, this is my brother sewing up his first turkey.

Mom made our traditional macaroni salad, one of my nana's recipes, ha ha we ran out of mixing bowls so she used the popcorn bowl.
Our lovely turkey

Plenty of snacks before dinner
My job was to make the table look pretty

 I ended up keeping it simple with a variety of pumpkins and mason jars filled with small votives.

Dessert table, I had a sample of each or as I called it "The Thanksgiving Experience"

We celebrated my Hubby's 27th Birthday with pumpkin pie (a tradition)

We had a great time, I am so grateful for my family!

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