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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

Our Christmas decorations are up, hot chocolate is in my hand and it is 40 degrees outside (which is cold for Texas)!
Big tree in our living room, I love that Buddy was curled up in front

This is my favorite room decorated, notice the new (to us) breakfast table

Wreaths on the back door, the tree in the corner looks so bright in this photo

Here is the story behind the new breakfast table:
It originally belonged to our aunt, she gave it to us and we repainted for my brothers house. He got a new table and I wanted a round one in our breakfast room. I love the counter height table but a round one would fit better in the space. 

I originally wanted this table
But we are all into this saving money thing so we used what we had. I do eventually want these chairs...
for now our sweet friends gave us these chairs (below) since they were moving. They were originally green with oak seats but I painted them red. I really love the way it looks, so cozy and the red is especially great for Christmas.



yes, it chipped but it adds to the character...right?

Merry Christmas!!

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