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I'm Floored

As we speak (or type and read) new flooring is being laid in our dining, kitchen, and bedroom. I am so excited! To keep myself from creepily starring at the flooring guys while they work, I am sitting on the patio blogging. They pulled up the carpet and moved all of our furniture yesterday. I kept wondering throughout the day...where are they going to put all of our furniture. 

Quite simply.....everywhere!!!

This is our bathroom
 Husband had them make a tiny pathway through the bathroom to our closet
 The hearth room 
 Breakfast room
 Access to coffee nook :(
Last night we slept in the guest bedroom upstairs which apparently is my husband's favorite room now. He said he wished it was our bedroom because we were higher up and could see the trees. Next time we feel like a weekend getaway I am going to suggest we travel upstairs to the guest bedroom. It was like riding in the backseat of your own car, very new and different yet wonderful.

It feels like we just moved in for the first time. I am excited to be able to truly deep clean those three rooms once everything is finished. I will post before and after photos soon!!

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