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Happy Birthday Dear Friend!

Today is the birthday of my dear friend Emily, or as we call her, Hill (her last name).  Hill and I met in college in 2002, we immediately hit it off and have been friends ever since. 
I can't believe I have know her for almost 10 years!
Throwback College Picture

Hill is an amazing person, this is why I love her.
10. She is super stylish and can pull off any look.
9.  She would eat cookie cake with me when either of us had bad day.
8.  She is a fellow crafter and I love everything she makes.
7.  Anything she touches turns to gold, she can just about do anything she puts her mind to.
6.  She has an awesome family, that practically adopted all of us.
5.  She is absolutely hilarious, seriously I have peed several times in her presence.
4. She skipped class with me when I fell (actually that was twice, once down the student union stairs and once off of a curb at Walmart)
3.  She loves Law and Order
2. She hates the word panties and pulling cotton apart.
1. She is talented in every single way and an amazing friend!

From left: Michelle, Cathy, Me, Hill, and Dub

I miss you Hill, wish I could see you more.  
Happy Birthday Friend!!
Love You!

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