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Dave Ramsey Says.....

We have been going through the FPU (Financial Peace University) class at our church for the past 9 weeks. It has changed our lives to say the least. We are trying to pay off the little bit of debt that we accumulated during our first 5 years of marriage. Words of wisdom to newlyweds: Put it back on the shelf, you don't need to buy it, you can live on love alone. We went to an all cash system a few months ago and it has been really nice/hard. It seemed to go pretty smoothly until we had to take our dog (Leilah) to the ER because we thought she was dying of stomach bloat. Turns out she just had an upset stomach, sheesh there goes $250. 

Anyway today I am going to share my envelope system.

I made these cute envelopes for each of our monthly expenses: Groceries, Dogs, Entertainment, Gas, Miscellaneous, and Fun Money.

All of the envelopes go into one large envelope (the green and white envelope)

And then that envelope goes inside a lady who swallowed a bird to catch a spider.
No actually we just keep them together in that large envelope until we need them.

If you are not familiar with how the cash system works, here it is.
Assign your money (every penny) to an area where you will spend it. When your money is gone for the month then it is gone, you may not use your money that is set aside in your checking or savings. 
It works pretty well and helps you keep tabs on what you are spending.

I encourage anyone that has debt or just wants to save to use the money system, it can truly give you financial peace!

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