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Sock Monkey Baby Shower

A couple of weekends ago we hosted a sock monkey baby shower for our friends, The Greens.
They are expecting their first child in a few months and we are so excited for them.

Here are the details:
Sock Monkey from Target, the wagon was a toy I used with my dolls as a child

I bought these sock monkey ornaments after Christmas for $.99 from JCPenney's 

I made two of these buntings out of scraps that I had in my craft room

This was the same gift sign that I used at Courtney and Bryan's shower

This is not a real shoe, as most people thought. It is a ceramic garden sculpture that I purchased at Hobby Lobby. I have two of them and thought they would be cute for the little boy theme. The silverware caddy is from Home Goods

Sorry the picture is so dark. This is the table scape before I put the food on the table.

The dessert table

This was one of my best finds, I found this packaging tape at Target. I was so excited. I know that sounds crazy to be excited about tape but its chevron people!!!

I borrowed the drink dispenser from my Mom and added the chalkboard tag.

I was so excited to use my Happy Everything platter. 

I already had this large jack, I purchased it from Hobby Lobby as well

The baby Toms were a gift from us, they are so cute and tiny

Like father like son

The happy parents

Congratulations Green family, your baby boy is so blessed already!

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  1. This sock monkey baby shower looks really cute. Thinking of throwing my best friend baby shower at one of local event venues. Will go with this sock monkey theme for the day and would like to try your ideas for the day. Thanks for sharing them.