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Grandpa Son

I am heartbroken, my sweet Grandpa passed away last night. He had surgery during spring break to remove a kidney stone. Little did we know that it was not a kidney stone, it ended up being bone cancer. After that he grew weaker until he finally took his last breath last night. His passing is particularly hard for me because I was so close to him. He was a hard working man, 78 years of age and in very good shape. He was a cattle rancher, a tile setter, and a pecan farmer. He got up early each morning and loved every second of it. He and I had a very special connection, I was his tomboy granddaughter. We fished, rode horses, shared inside jokes, and much more. I keep thinking that I will go to his home and see him sitting in his recliner welcoming me with "Hey big A" (his nickname for me). You will be missed more than I can express Grandpa.
Me and Grandpa Son (his nickname was Sonny)

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