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Canton Part 2

Katie and I took our second Canton trip Saturday, technically it was my fourth but second with Katie.
We were on a mission:
1. Find old windows
2. Eat Funnel Cake
3. Have Fun and Laugh really hard

We went through some of the Arbors when we got there trying to find white berry garland for Katie's Sister's wedding.  All we accomplished during that time was getting our feet run over by motorized carts and strollers. I swear some of the Canton women are hard core. We also experienced squeaky baby shoes again. I apologize if you think they are cute but I can't stand them. They are basically a shoe that squeaks like a dog toy every time the baby walks...No Thank You

We did find some awesome windows once we left the Arbors. Katie was looking for 3 for her classroom at school. She is going to use window crayons on them for her focus words of the week, such a good idea.
They were only $10 a piece

Katie snatched up 3 windows after waiting in a very long line.

We stumbled upon these cuties but at $48 and $52 a piece I had to walk away.

Inside one of the Arbors was a very expensive/inspiring store. I loved everything they had.
I will be trying this out for my dining table.

Chalkboards! Need I say more. Katie later told me that when she sees chalkboards she thinks of me.
So true, I practically collect them now:/ Chalkboards, typography, and polka dots=Ashley

Speaking of things I love! I love this, I love anything with numbers.

Katie snatched up this very adorable backwards unitard wrestling man table.
And by snatched up I mean we pointed at it, took it's picture, and discussed "what exactly is that?"

We did find some really great things:
1. Soda Crate $8

2. Old wash tubs to be used as a drink tub on my patio $70

3. Old chalkboard with chalk box, I am going to use this in the front and plant something cute in the chalk box $10

Katie found:
1. Cute yellow table $60

2. 3 Old windows $30

3. Old screen $8

Speaking of windows, Katie and I carried these monsters about half a mile up a hill.  I like to refer to it as the strongest crafter competition.

Katie's hand after said window carrying competition

The other challenge we faced was playing car Tetris, this game involves purchasing too many large items then trying to fit them into the back of the car.
View from the front seat looking back

View from the trunk looking front

Oh, and of course we laughed a lot and ate funnel cake!!

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  1. I missed Canton this month. Great windows. I need a few. Maybe I'll try next month.