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Happy Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!
I am always glad when Friday comes, even though I do really enjoy my job and feel as though I make a difference daily.  But something about planning your weekend itinerary and knowing that you can sleep as late as you want makes me oh so happy.
Grant and I didn't sleep well last we don't have children keeping us up. We do however have a 4 year old lab who I can imagine sounds like a child crying at night (I am sure some parents are rolling their eyes...I don't blame you). For some reason Buddy has started to howl when he hears my voice but can't see me or just anytime of the day. Last night he chose 3:34 as his howling hour then 5:00 and once again at 7:00, when we were getting ready. It goes something like this (play video)..........sorry my voice sounds funny, I had the flu the day I took this video clip:)

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