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Bug Party!!

Today was JJ's bug party! Jerad (JJ) was in my class this past year. He has the biggest eyes, the cutest voice and is just plain adorable. I love this little guy. Not to mention he has an awesome family, they have inspired me to have 4 kids....they are just fun. My husband is still questioning 4. HA HA HA!!

Jerad had a bug themed 6th Birthday Party which I think was a huge success.
The pictures I have taken of him usually look like this, ha ha I love it.

This is Jerad's Party shirt, I'm not sure how it will hold up but at least it worked for the day!
I stitched a clear plastic lady bug fabric and put plastic bugs inside.
Isn't he precious.

The cake table set-up

The cake, Lisa made this cake she did an awesome job. The leg stand is actually a large candle holder I had from Halloween. Although Lisa pointed out it wasn't a spider because it only has 6 legs.
Banner on the stairway
Each child took home one of these bug jars
The top of the jar
The little bugs (wooden buttons) glow in the dark
It reads "Place this jar in the sun by day and by your bed at night. These little bugs will glow for you, they will shine forever bright. 
The kids got "Bug Juice" (green colored lemonade with bugs floating at the top)
I purchased this jar at World Market for $15
Each child received a "Bug Buddy" badge when they came in the door.
You can find this free printable at
Drink glasses

giant "very hungry caterpillar" (borrowed from my Mom)

The first game the kids played was a bug hunt game. We hid 18 bugs around the house for them to find. Once all of the bugs were found we used them for the next game.

The Bug Relay Race
The kids had to pick up a bug with their tweezers and carry it down to the bug bucket.

Jerad's little brother Matthew, just as cute 

The second activity the kids did was create a bug hat.

Here is a picture of some of the bugs...not sure where the other bugs went.

The last game the kids played before cake was "Antennae Tag"
The kids used the noodles as antenna's and had to tag a friend.
For some reason Matthew was the main target.
He was a good sport

Cake Time
"My hair is sweating"-Jerad

sorry for the grainy picture


Jerad was very sweet to call out who the gift was from so they could come sit by him while he opened it.

And last but not least, Ice Cream!
From the left rolly pollies, worms, caterpillars, and sour worms

Bowls and spoons, spoons are on sale now at Joann's 
The crowd got very quiet when ice cream was served

Happy Birthday Jerad, love you!!

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