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Father's Day Gift and Knock Off Cake Stand

Lately I have really been into anything and everything galvanized. If it is galvanized, I will own it (or wish to own it.  As I was reading Layla's post on Key lime cake the other day, I spotted this very cute galvanized cake stand

 I have seen it before but forgot about looking to buy one.  I found out you can buy them at Farmhousewares for 32.99. Unfortunately they are sold out. While I was out Walmart today I found a 3qt dog feeder in the pet section for 2.39. SOOOOO...I picked one up and brought it home to try.

I knew that I already had several galvanized buckets from IKEA.

I chose the smaller of my two choices.....placed the metal feeder on top and voila! 

I do admit it is a bit shorter than I would like. However at 2.39 or really 4.39 if you add in the IKEA bucket, you just can't beat it. I will keep my eyes open for a taller skinnier bucket but for now... I like it.
Metal facing down
Metal facing up, I think this is my favorite. 
Just for kicks this was with the larger bucket.  Obviously it is way out of proportion.

Now, let's talk about father's day. Any good gift ideas out there?  I bought my Dad an Arkansas Razorback Tervis Tumbler that I will put his name on in vinyl. It didn't arrive yet but once it does I will show a quick picture.

We got my father-in-law two things.
1. An Abraham Lincoln Book (he loves Abe)
2. A Bubba Keg Cooler filled with goodies.

Let's start with the Book. I went to Cracker Barrel to buy moon pies and goo goo clusters to put in Bill's goodie "keg".  As I was looking I stumbled across an Abe Lincoln book I thought he would enjoy reading.  Cracker Barrel now offers complimentary gift wrap so I took advantage of it.  I am so glad I did because the lady that wrapped it did the cutest thing......
How cute is that, it's a little shirt! I loved it!
It looked very simple to do, I had just never thought of it....way to go Cracker Barrel!

Now for the Bubba Keg Cooler
Located inside: Lays potato chips, 2 pay days, 2 goo goo clusters, I bag of salted peanuts, 2 moon pies, a box of M&M's and a Subway gift card.
That about sums up my sweet father-in-law, he is easy to please.
I took the moon pies out of the box and tied cello bags around them. Then I printed off this cute father's day tag from

10 reasons why I love my Dad
1.  He makes me laugh all of the time
2. He is not afraid to try anything
3. He is a risk taker
4. He loves to travel
5. He gives me advice only when I ask for it
6. He likes for us to call him Tater Salad
7. He used to buy me ice cream after he spanked me (the one time he spanked me) out of guilt.
8. He changes into his pajamas when he gets home....just like me
9. He is the only Dad I know that will go kayaking, zip lining, and to hipster bars because his kids want to go.
10. He is a very Godly man and the most generous man I know.

10 reasons why I love my father-in-law
1. He is literally the kindest person I know
2. He has a Tennessee accent and uses words like "conner" instead of corner
3. He also uses cute phrases like "it's the berries" when he enjoys something
4. He is a dog and animal lover
5. He loves ice cream and subway sandwiches just like my Mom
6. He is 75 but still on the move all of the time
7. He is a hard worker and doesn't stop until a job is finished.
8. He laughs and smiles at mostly everything.
9. The first time I met him he had his arms open for a hug from about 20 feet away
10. He did an awesome job raising Grant and they have a lot of the same traits.

Happy Father's Day Dad's, We love you and are glad you belong to us!

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  1. Thank you so much for all you do. I love my book and Tennessee Bubba jug of goodies! I love you!