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Decorating with Pumpkins

It's that time of year again! 

That comment always makes me think of a little boy I had three years ago. He walked in one Monday morning and saw that I had decorated the classroom with pumpkins from the grocery store. One little girl got very excited and started yelling to everyone "Pumpkins...pumpkins!" To which the little boy replied "Ya, they say it's that kind of year again". 

Well  I am always just as excited as the little girl yelling to her classmates. I absolutely love pumpkins. I started searching a few days ago for white pumpkins. I found the only white pumpkin selection at Callloway's. Here is what I did with my cute flowers and pumpkins that I picked up.

 The little white ones are my favorite, they are called baby boos

And by the way, have you "BOOED" a neighbor yet? I just booed two neighbors with fun gift buckets. The one shown below had window clings, black and orange tortilla chips with queso, jack-o-lantern napkins, and a personalized coffee mug. 

You can google these pre-made "Boo" instructions and signs. I found mine here

Also, check out The girl is craftee for some very cute "BOO" ideas. I wish I was her neighbor.

Happy Fall!!!

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