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Last night we met friends in Ft. Worth for dinner at Tillmans. Which by the way has the coolest interior, branch chandeliers, wood planked walls, and tree trunk walls. 

Anyway, after we left we stumbled upon this adorable store:
(forgive the photos, they were taken with my phone)
Luckily they were still open at 9:30

Here were some of the goodies inside:
I really wanted one of those cute chalkboards but couldn't justify another chalkboard
(I have 6 including an entire wall)

Adorable mix and match iphone and ipad cases, my friend Liz bought one
And they were only 32 DOLLARS!!!
(that comment was for you Steve)
These cases can also be found here

Tin lighting fixtures

Linen oversized chair

These were my favorite, wouldn't these be cute in a child's room?

This was the window display, I loved the lighting above the table
(P.S. I like how I snapped a shot of Liz in the tiny mirror in the background.

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