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Ain't No Party like a Labor Day Party

because a labor day party don't stop!
(side note: I have been writing this post for 3 days now but would fall asleep before finishing it)

Husband was out of town this past weekend on a 4 day camping trip to Colorado.

I kept the weekend full with several parties and one small project.
Friday night I had an Arbonne party at the Temple's was so much fun, love those ladies!
After we (Katie B was with me) left the Arbonne party we stopped off at my brother's house for a birthday party.

Saturday afternoon I headed back to the Temple's for Alexie's 9th Birthday Party.
Alexie chose to have a spa party, it was so fun and relaxed.
Here are the details:
The front table:
Lisa had the cute American Girl spa outfit which we used in the middle of the table.
We set up 6 "spa" areas for the girls

Magazines for the girls to read while they waited

The "polish area"

This bowl contained goody bags, each girl received a manicure set, lotion, and body glitter.

More bunting

For the craft each girl decorated flip flops by tying fabric strips around the straps


The girls relaxing, each girl got a strawberry drink in a cute little koozie.

I love this picture

Decorated flip flops

The birthday girl

Happy Birthday Alexie!

Oh but wait.....that evening I had another party. Courtney had her bachelorette party. We went to Pete's Piano Bar in Addison. I had sooooo much fun! I cannot describe how great it was: 
friends, dancing, long island ice teas, singing without and inhibitions=happiness

Now time for my small Labor Day project. Katie and I went shopping on Sunday, we decided to go to World Market later that day, about 30 minutes before closing. While looking at all the pretties, I found this precious lamp shade:

I also spotted a hanging light kit and decided that I must have them both.
SOOOOO at 9 o'clock on Sunday night, I talked Katie into holding a flashlight at my ceiling so I could install a light over my breakfast table.

This was the current light over the breakfast table

Did I mention I could only find a very tiny screwdriver?
And I was doing this at 9:30 at night
This is how far I got, after several attempts

 There was lots of dry wall falling
 I tried to finish the next morning and voila!!

Here is a close up. I really liked the light that was currently up there but thought this would fit the space better.
I bought a vintage bulb at Lowe's
I couldn't hid this other cute fixture so Katie thought I should hang it in the hallway...I agree!
This chandelier replaced a builder grade flush mount fixture.
And the entire project only took 50 dollars and a lot of patience.

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