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Piper's Peace Party

Today was Piper's peace party. Also known as "Peace Love Piper. Piper is turning 6 on Tuesday and her Mom requested a very groovy peace party. The party was a huge success, about 15 kids came and they all had a blast.
Warning: There are a lot of photos (just click to enlarge)

Here are some of the details:
This is the Birthday Girl's Shirt (Front)
Cake Table
Each child received a cute little lunch inside these peace sign containers

Peace Sign Water bottles
Birthday Cupcake, The topper says peace, love, six
The inside was rainbow cake
Peace themed pennants, these were draped in the entryway

Handmade peace sign banners

Poof Balls

The lemonade pitcher, I love the left over ribbon on this

Peace sign cups in groovy colors

The Pinata

As the kids came into the party they each received a groovy tie dyed t-shirt. Then they each got tattoos, hair dye, sunglasses, and headbands.

Two groovy kids!

The kids had a dance party as one of the activities

After the dance party, the birthday girl opened gifts. She was very patient by the way. And check out her cute pose :)

After gifts we had lunch, where we had 6, yes count them 6 lemonade spills! Oh well, I guess that's what plastic table cloths are for.

Each lunch contained smiley face sandwiches and fruit.

Then came the cake!
Here is the precious Necaise Family

And the Birthday Girl

Oh but wait!!! There was also ice cream. Each child made their own "Piper Parfait"!

This bucket contained vanilla ice cream
They were a hit!

And last but not least....the pinata

Piper's Dad was hilarious with the pinata, this is the birthday girl trying to bust it open.

Each child left with one of these cute peace sign water bottles.

I think the party was adorable, it was so much fun to create.
Happy Birthday Sweet Piper!!!

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  1. So very cute! I'm sure Piper will remember it forever!