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Blue Chalkboard Project

This chalkboard project has been a long time coming. I purchased the frame last year from my neighbor's garage sale for only $8 but it sat in the garage for months, 13 to be exact.

The frame caught my eye as I as getting out of the car from a Target trip with my Momma. I loved it because it was very long and I thought I could hang it in my screened porch. 

Here it is:

I was just going to paint it with black chalkboard paint and paint the frame red, my go to color, but then I found this.

Katie and I found this at Frisco Mercantile, I picked up a small can and brought it home with me.

First, I took the canvas out of the frame.

Next, I painted 3 coats of the chalkboard paint onto my pre-cut board.

I let the paint dry overnight and sprayed the frame in the meantime. I had brown in the garage so I just used that.

My Husband tacked the blue board into the newly painted frame and we ended up with this.

I seasoned the board with chalk so it would take the chalk better and not look so new.

We put it in our small butlers pantry area, we had a blank wall that needed some color.

If my goal were to get a chalkboard in every room of the house, I would be very close. I think I am only lacking our bedroom and the TV room upstairs.

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