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Valentine craft recap and a craft room disaster

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day. We kept it low key and had dinner at home, it was nice.
Anyway as usual I packed the night before Valentines Day with projects (I always pack the day before holidays, parties, or guests come to visit with projects). I'm not sure why, it is so stressful.  
Here are some things I made, mostly via pinterest.
warm fuzzies for my Kindergarten team. I filled them with vanilla scented rice.

A special owl warm fuzzy for my good friend Katie B

Heart Crayons for my Kinder kids

After all of my crafting, I took a long sad look at my craft room mess. 

I would like to say that it rarely looks like this but that would be a lie. I guess since I have a room dedicated to crafts I just leave everything laying around after I use it. 
It gets pretty bad, it is a favorite hangout spot for our dogs as well.
He is eating blue craft paper, 
I have also discovered ribbon strewn down the stairs by this little guy.

Sooooo, I started to reorganize and will hopefully finish soon and post some pictures.

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  1. I love my little owl warm fuzzy!! I've already used it, as I have been laying up in bed sick. :( But the owlie made it all better...thanks for cramming in the darling projects. Your stress=our happiness. Wait, that sounded bad.