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Summer Plans and New Shoes

 Yeah!!! It's summer time! After a tearful goodbye to my Kindergarten class I can finally relax and let summer set in. 

I have started to make a list of things that I would like to accomplish/craft this summer. Here are a few things I am going to attempt to get done.

1. Finally re-do our upstairs bathrooms
Current State

This wallpaper is green with leaves on it....classy

You can't really tell in this one but it has yellow wallpaper with green swirls on it.

Here is my inspiration 
I am thinking about painting the top part a shade of green.


2. Organize and paint pantry.

My inspiration from House of Smiths

3. Purge and organize our closet (and add a shoe shelf)

4. Walk this big lady everyday at the park.

Hope I am as productive as I think I am

Oh and I finally got some Sperry's today!! I have wanted them for a while and thanks to a wonderful family I had this year (thanks Temple family), I was able to get them (because I used a Macy's gift card). They are super comfy!! I love them already.

"Now all we need is a boat" quote from Grant

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