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Surprise at my door!!

I had a nice surprise at my doorstep today after work.
No, not this little guy, which was also on my doorstep. I hope to save a lot of money with Geico since our bush out front houses several of these lizards. One which crawled up my arm when I reached for my mail several months ago....but I won't get started with lizard talk.

The real surprise were these little babies
I knew what was in the white envelope, my print assortment from Emily at Jones Design Company

The other brown tube was a mystery. I did however assume it was a Birthday gift from another special Emily, my good friend from college.

Here is a fun college pic of me and Hill (that is her last name and nickname, I can't wait until I have children so they can all her Aunt Hill)

So what was in the package you ask?............................

The "I love you, blogs and coffee" from Made by girl

I absolutely loved it...I squealed. I have always wanted it but never bought it....Thanks Hill.
(on a side note, I sure have aged from my college picture. I guess that's what 7 years can do)

Here are some pictures of the art prints I ordered from Jones Design Company. If you have never ordered prints from Emily, you should. They are wonderful quality and awesome prints.

Now I just need to frame them and decide where to put them.

Maybe here?

It was a lovely surprise afternoon. And if things couldn't get any better, I turned on the TV and Sister Act II:Back in the Habit was on. What a great movie, any Sister Act fans out there?


Happy Monday!!

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