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Room Rearrange

If you are like me, you can't keep things static for a long period of time. I usually rearrange my classroom several times a year. Also, if you are like like to take on big projects late at night or right before company is coming....or right after your husband had surgery and you are dying to move a large TV stand all by your lonesome. Anyway we I decided to rearrange my home for the first time since we moved and we began with the living and dining room.

This is what our living room looked like before: (forgive the photo quality)

This is a photo taken a few days after we moved in (sooo bare)

              This isn't a great photo either but it is all I have of this angle

Here are the after photos, we basically just flipped everything to face the TV wall.


 The TV cabinet used to be in the corner where the chair is
 I have plans to remove the blinds and put up a bamboo shade similar to Layla's kitchen window
 In the dining room I turned the table and moved the buffet

I enjoy tweaking things in our home. I don't think it would be much fun to have every project finished. Maybe I will be singing a different tune when I have children. For now however it is a fun project. When we bought the home, the realtor mentioned painting the space between the molding so it looks chunkier. What do you think? Should that be one of my summer projects?

 Sorry about the coats, we had company and it was pouring rain
 I would love to put bead board on this wall with some hooks
 The two lamps on the sofa table will soon be replaced with these

Happy Monday!

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