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Road Trip

My friend Dub (Emily) and I took a road trip last weekend to visit our friend Michelle in Tyler.  Do any of you have friends that you are really close to but hardly get to see? And when you see them it's like time hasn't passed by, you just pick up where you left off?

Well, that describes these girls!
(Michelle/Miz and Emily/Dub)

Dub picked me up on Friday afternoon, we grabbed some snacks and began the short trek to Tyler.

We made it to Tyler in about 2 1/2 hours and headed for the hospital to see...
Dr. Ward

We also saw this little treat in the parking lot....come on people really?

Friday night we went to a Birthday party for one of Michelle's friends. We found out it was a surprise costume party.
Sorry for the quality, I took it with my phone

Oh, I forgot to mention, as we were driving up, Michelle drove over what she thought was a piece of cardboard.  It turned out to be part of an electrical box...HA HA it was great!

After the party we attempted to go see "Horrible Bosses". I say attempt because we walked out, I give it two thumbs down for how dirty it was.

Instead we went to Andy's for ice cream. It was delicious and I bought my friend an Andy's shirt, since she is engaged to an Andy.

Saturday we slept in very late and caught up on old Bravo shows. We grabbed a tasty lunch at Bruno's then went to an Antique Store.

This is the one picture we got together, it is obviously a timed picture sitting on top of Michelle's car trunk (doesn't everyone do that?)

Michelle ended up buying this chair which I guaranteed her would fit into her Volvo.

 Here we go...attempt #1
 Attempt #2
 Attempt #3
 Ummmm NO, it will not fit
 Attempt #4: Tie it down
With a scarf no less
Michelle is handing me the scarf through the backseat so I can tie it around the headrest...classy.
Luckily Michelle happened to have a bright orange poncho which we used as a safety flag to tie on the back.

So we took it back to her apartment only to find out we left the cushion sitting in the parking lot.

(we did drive back and get the cushion)

Saturday night we kept it low key with a movie and fondu

Love You Girls!!

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