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I love the Georgia area, very southern, charming, and relaxing. 

Here's what we have been up to....

 My Dad continues to try on hats!

My Mom and I took a short walk (4 miles) to nearby stores.

My feet started to rub against my Sperry's due to the heat so I wore my Mom's socks
This is sooo Elaine Benes from the 90's.

We went to the beach (everyday so far)

Ate at The Crab shack

Rented Bikes

Got boogie boards, hats, beach chairs, UNO, and "refreshments"

The boys played golf

while we went to downtown Savannah
We ate lunch at Tubby's Tank House on the river

Strolled through parks

 Went to The Paris Market, which I loved!!!!

 And did not eat one of these delicious looking apples....but I really wanted to.

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